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Days of Borapura Add to List
  • Amitha Ranganath,Anitha Bhatt,Dinesh Mangalore,Pramod Shetty,Shafi,Suchindra Prasad,Surya Siddhartha,Prashanth S,Prakruthi,Raghu Pandeshwar,Anita Bhat

Aditya N Kunigal

  • 9
  • 2h 8m
  • Kannada
  • All age

In a remote Village of BORAPURA situated in Southern Karnataka, people live content and satisfied with their modest yet sufficient lifestyle. They are poor but not greedy, they are simple but not Ordinary. They live their lives with all their miseries believing in destiny. Whole thing changes on the arrival of "Something", which transforms Everything.

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Producers : Ajitkumar Gaddi, Madhu Basavaraj