About Us


Katte, meaning PLATFORM in Kannada, is one of a kind OTT platform that focuses on content created and produced in the regional dialects of Karnataka. 
Katte aims at capturing the essence of Karnataka and its people through its culture, tradition, languages and places. The dialects include Tulu, Kodava, Konkani, Havyaka, Uttara Karnataka, old Mysore region, Kannada & Kanglish (Kannada + English). 

At Katte, we are collaborating with creative writers, directors, producers, production houses to create and produce content in Kannada and the regional dialects of Karnataka that includes original web series, feature films, short films, travel shows, toddler & kid based content, reality shows, theatre productions and an exclusive kannada music & audio platform. 

At Katte, we continuously strive to INTEGRATE, INNOVATE & INSPIRE! 

Behind Katte

Arvinda and Avinash, popularly known as Jugaari Brothers (from their maiden Kannada film Jugaari), are the Founder Directors of Katte. Coming from the lineage of one of the greatest comedians of his time, Shri Narasimharaju, their passion for stories & culture is unparalleled.